Attention men!! Time to take care of your flawless skin…

Dealing with hair growing in different directions can be a challenge, but fear not!

To tackle unruly hair, take a toothbrush and gently brush the hair in one direction. Always cleanse the area with a hydrating cleanser and follow up with a moisturizing shaving cream. Remember, no dry shaving allowed! Shave in the direction of hair growth for a smoother experience.

Consistency is key! Try to shave daily or every two to three days to keep hair short and prevent ingrown hairs. Hydration is crucial, so shave after a bath when the skin is moisturized. If you need to shave in between, use a damp cloth to hydrate the area before shaving.

Post-shaving, cleanse the shaving cream and apply a cold, damp cloth to cool the skin surface down.

With these expert tips, you’ll master the art of shaving and bid farewell to hair growth woes!

0:11 – 1:05 How to prevent razorbumps?

1:06 – 1:21 What should we do after shaving?

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Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi is Board Certified Dermatologist, Hair Transplant & Dermato Surgeon with academic experience in all branches of clinical dermatology. She believes in achieving the best beautiful outcomes by combining the latest scientific advances in aesthetics, her excellent skill, and a keen eye for aesthetics to achieve natural results. She believes that both surgical and nonsurgical treatments should enhance your beauty in a natural way, and she is dedicated to educating her patients on all the latest aesthetic advancements.

B.A.E Clinic is a lush practice run by Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi, it promises exceptional results in skincare, nail care, aesthetics, and hair transplant treatments.

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