Meso Injections For Alopecia Areata

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment is also commonly termed mesoplasty or mesohair. Mesotherapy Treatment is a non-surgical and thus a completely non-invasive procedure used in order to combat hair loss and promote healthy hair growth by injecting nutrient-rich fluid into the mesoderm layer of the scalp. This is the layer that lies between the skin tissue and layers of fat.


  • Hair Mesotherapy is performed by injecting a solution into the scalp with the help of a special mesotherapy gun which contains sterile needles.
  • This treatment usually consists of six to eight intervals in a week, each of the sessions not exceeding half an hour.
  • One needs to be patient during this whole period as the visible results begin to appear prominently after the 3rd or fourth interval.
  • The ingredients of the injected fluid may vary depending on the root causes of hair loss.


  • Mesotherapy helps reduce hair loss and promote hair regeneration.

  • It strengthens hair roots and encourages the development of new hair.

  • It gives hair a healthy and lustrous appearance.

  • Mesotherapy is suitable for all hair types.

  • It strengthens and repairs damaged hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Eligible for Hair Mesotherapy?

  • Hair mesotherapy is an option for anyone suffering from extreme hair loss.

  • It is suitable for individuals suffering from male pattern baldness.

  • It is beneficial in treating hair-thinning conditions.

Is the treatment safe?

  • Just because the injected fluid contains materials that are tissue-friendly, such as vitamins and peptides, etc, this procedure is considered safe. 
  • It is usually not reported to cause any side effects or any sort of allergic reaction.
  • People who undergo this treatment do not suffer much pain and this is what makes Mesotherapy Hair Treatment a very easy solution in order to get rid of chronic hair loss.

Is there any downtime?

Since mesotherapy is a non-surgical procedure, there is no downtime. After the session, you can get back to your routine. Because of the discomfort and irritation at the injected locations, some patients may need to take a day off.