Acne Scar Treatment in Borivali, Mumbai

Acne scar treatment in Borivali at B.A.E Skin Clinic goes beyond providing a comprehensive range of skincare services to address various concerns. Whether it’s dealing with pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, or other dermatological issues, the clinic offers personalized treatment plans tailored to individual skin types and conditions.

The term “scarring” refers to a fibrous process in which new collagen is laid down to heal a full-thickness injury. It affects 30% of those with moderate or severe acne vulgaris. It is particularly common in nodulocystic acne, acne conglobata and acne fulminans. It may also be a long-term consequence of infantile acne.

Types Of Scars

The following types of scars occur in acne:

  • Ice-pick scars –

    These are deep, narrow, pitted scars

  • Rolling scars –

    Broad depressions with a sloping edge

  • Boxcar scars –

    Broad depressions with sharply defined edges

  • Atrophic scars –

    Flat, thin scars or depressed scars (anetoderma)

  • Hypertrophic or keloid scars –

    Thick lumpy scars.


Chemical Peels

This treatment is non-invasive as it works to improve the skin’s appearance through an application of chemicals (which are nothing but the proper extracts of fruit acids in graded concentrations) on the skin. Usually for the recent and superficial types of acne scars respond very well to a chemical peel.

Certain biological reactions take place at the site of lesions on contact with the chemical and eventually peels off giving way to new skin that is visibly lighter and smoother. The type of chemical peel is decided based on the severity of the scars and the skin type. The idea behind this treatment is to help scrape off the old dead skin cells to reveal the new skin cells within, thus, giving a rejuvenated, healthy look on your face.


This is the most common acne marks removal process owing to its ease and use to treat mild acne scars common among most people with skin problems. This treatment procedure involves the use of a mild abrasive instrument to gently sand off your skin to remove the thicker and uneven outer dead skin layer. Most commonly used to treat blemishes on the face, roughness, and post-acne pigmentation on the face. This method of exfoliation also stimulates collagen production.

Dermaroller or Dermapen

These are devices with multiple microneedles. In the case of the dermaroller it comes with specific length that requires manual intervention while in the case of the dermapen the depth of the microneedles is adjustable and movement is automatic. These acne scar treatments create micro-wounds inside the scar tissue by piercing microneedles also creates microchannels for better penetration of certain rejuvenating serums into skin and promotes collagen and elastic tissue remodeling. . This collagen will reduce the appearance of scars.


TCA CROSS is the chemical reconstruction of skin scars (CROSS) using trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This is one of the common acne scar treatments used to treat atrophic scars. During this facial scar treatment, the TCA is deposited in small amounts in high concentration over atrophic scars that spur a local inflammatory reaction. This stimulates increased collagen generation which fills up the scar depressions and improves skin appearance.

CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 laser for acne scar removal is an invasive procedure. It is most effective for depressed or atrophic acne scars and uneven skin. It is also very effective against wrinkles, enlarged pores, sagging skin, and aids in skin rejuvenation. The cost of laser treatment for acne scars in Pune is decided based on the type of laser treatment required, the degree of acne scars, and the number of sessions required.

Erbium Glass (non-ablative) Laser

The erbium glass laser system with contact cooling is used to repair acne scars, sun damage as well as mild to moderate wrinkles. This laser works on the deeper layers of the dermis without affecting the superficial layers of the skin.

Microneedling with Radiofrequency

Once microneedles have been inserted into the skin, high-intensity radiofrequency is released onto the target tissue to stimulate collagen production and tighten the tissue. This treatment is minimally invasive as opposed to what it seems and is most preferred to treat problems of sagging skin and mitigate the appearance of scars and wrinkles on the face and elsewhere.

PRP( Platelet Rich Plasma)

New advanced skin treatment processes now also include skin rejuvenation procedures like the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy that shows better results when combined with acne laser treatment. Many patients opt for the PRP treatment that involves re-injecting platelet-rich plasma into your skin to repair it and improve scars and other visible signs of aging.