Micro Meso Lift

Mesolift is a mesotherapy treatment that deeply revitalizes the skin of the face, by providing all the nutrients (hyaluronic acid, amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) it needs in a targeted way. A meso lift treatment brings rejuvenation to the face, slows down and corrects the effects of aging by improving the texture, density, hydration and brightness of the skin.


Multi-Pitting (Tapping)

Multi-Pitting (Tapping), consists of injecting very small quantities of the product very superficially. These injections will cover the entire area evenly. This technique is indicated for young skin and fragile skin areas such as forehead and hands.


Micro-papules, consists in injecting the product with a needle positioned at an angle of 30 to 45° and inserted at a depth of 2 mm (deep layer of the dermis). The interval between the bites is: 1.5 mm. This technique causes the appearance on the surface of the skin of light lesures which disappear within a delay of 24 to 48 hours. This method is rather reserved for mature skin, but also for wrinkled and dehydrated skin.

Recommended For

  • People whose skin has lost its vitality and brightness
  • People with sagging and wrinkles problem on their skin
  • People with tired looking skin
  • People with damaged skin due to smoking
  • People who want to minimize the harmful effects of the sun
  • People whose skin has been damaged because of the sun
  • People who want to minimize skin spots and get rid of acne scars.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions does face mesotherapy take?

Depending on the skin type of the patient and intensity of the skin problem, 2-8 sessions are applied at intervals of 1-2 weeks. After this process, repetition and protection applications are made at intervals of 3 to 6 months.

Does Mesolifting Have Side Effects?

Even so rarely, it is possible to see some side effects in sensitive patients. You should consult your doctor immediately after you encounter swelling, itchiness, redness and dizziness.

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