let’s bid farewell to hair fall and welcome gorgeous, healthy tresses! 💁‍♀

Stress, pollution, and life’s hustle can take a toll on our precious locks. We’ve all been there, constantly nagged about what to do. But fear not! Let’s tackle this issue head-on with some effective steps to regain control and confidence!

— Start with a Blood Test: (CBC, s.ferretin, s.calcium, s.vit B12) to understand your body’s needs. 💉
— Include a peptide-based serum for that extra love to your hair.🌰
— Nourish your locks with a balanced diet full of nuts, seeds, and protein.🍎
— Wash your hair 2-3 times a week for a healthy scalp.🚿
— If dandruff’s bothering you, consult a dermatologist.
— Lastly, give your hair a break from heat treatments like straightening and blow-drying.

Together, let’s bid farewell to hair fall and welcome gorgeous, healthy tresses! 💁‍♀

Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Hair Transplant, and dermat Surgeon with academic experience in all branches of clinical dermatology.

B.A.E Clinic is a lush practice run by Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi, it promises exceptional results in skincare, nail care, aesthetics, and hair transplant treatments.

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—BAE CLINIC, Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi

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