Don’t let these myths fool you – Sunscreen is your best defence against sun damage and skin cancer.

Now that you’ve seen the myths, let’s debunk them one by one and take charge of our skin health:

1️⃣ Myth: Sunscreen causes cancer.
✅ Fact: Sunscreen actually helps prevent skin cancer by protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. It’s an essential part of your sun protection routine.

2️⃣ Myth: My sunscreen is SPF 50, so I don’t need to apply it as often.
✅ Fact: SPF indicates the level of protection against UV rays, not the duration of protection. Higher SPF offers better protection, but it doesn’t mean you’re covered all day. Reapply sunscreen every two hours, regardless of SPF, especially after swimming or sweating.

3️⃣ Myth: There is SPF in my makeup. I don’t need to wear sunscreen.
✅ Fact: While some makeup products contain SPF, they typically don’t provide adequate protection on their own. Layering sunscreen underneath your makeup ensures proper coverage.

4️⃣ Myth: I don’t need sunscreen if it’s cloudy or cold.
✅ Fact: UV rays can penetrate clouds and cause damage to your skin even on cloudy or cold days. Always apply sunscreen, no matter the weather!

5️⃣ Myth: I have dark skin. I don’t need to wear sunscreen.
✅ Fact: While darker skin tones have more natural protection against UV rays, they can still suffer from sun damage and skin cancer. Sunscreen is essential for everyone.

6️⃣ Myth: I don’t need to apply sunscreen if I am at home.
✅ Fact: Even indoors, UV rays can penetrate windows and cause skin damage. If you’re near windows or spending extended periods near screens emitting UV light, sunscreen is still necessary.

Don’t let these myths fool you – sunscreen is your best defence against sun damage and skin cancer. 🌞🧴 Start now and make sunscreen a daily habit to keep your skin healthy and happy. Want to know more? Talk to our expert dermatologist, Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi, and she will guide you through it all.

Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi is a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Hair Transplant, and dermat Surgeon with academic experience in all branches of clinical dermatology.

B.A.E Clinic is a lush practice run by Dr. Krupa Ajmera Modi, it promises exceptional results in skincare, nail care, aesthetics, and hair transplant treatments.

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